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Top 3 helpful dress items

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Dressing is a daily activity. When you get older it gets more difficult to dress. This could be because your muscles get weaker. This is the top 3 helpful dress items. These items help elderly people and make it a lot easier to dress. In this way they don't have to put much effort in getting their clothes on. There are several helpful dress items on our website. Take a loot at our dressing aids page.


Compression Stocking Aid, helpful dress items

This item is one of the top 3 most helpful dress items, because it makes it easier for elderly people to put their socks on. In this way elderly people won't have to bow. The Compression Stocking Aid is made of stainless steel and plastic. There are handy handles, where you can put your hands on and pull the socks up. This is a very handy item.

Bra Angel Aids, helpful dress items

Another item, which belongs to the top 3 most helpful dress items. A lot of women have trouble with dressing their bra. This is the Bra Angel Aids, which makes it a lot easier for older women to dress their bra. When you set one half on the Bra Angel Aids and then you can turn the other half around your body to put it together on the Bra Angel Aids. The Bra Angel Aids can also be used with one hand.

Slip-lift Aids, helpful dress items

This is the Slip-lift Aids and belongs to the top 3 most helpful dress items. This item helps elderly people to put their slip on. It is a very handy item, because you won't have to bow. This item is suitable for people with hip and back problems. It is also suitable for people who have obese or women who are pregnant. When you put your hands on the handles then you can pull up your slip. This item makes it a lot easier.