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ADL: Activities of daily living

We all know that it isn’t easy to be independent when you’re older, but we also know that it isn’t impossible. Especially with the ADL-products of Elderlyshops, you don’t have to ask for help any longer! Try the activities of daily living products now!

What is ADL?

ADL stands for activities of daily living. This means that ADL-products are used to do the daily activities. ADL-products are devices which ensure that you can still do the activities you used to do without any other help.

The kind of ADL-products we sell

The ADL-products of Elderlyshops are in all kinds. Whether you need something to help you while you’re working in the kitchen or something that helps you to get your clothes on. Elderlyshops has it all!

Maybe you’re searching for an elbow crutch that will give you more stability. Or a special foot brush, because you aren’t able to bend over anymore. The Activities of daily living-products category of Elderlyshops has what you’re looking for.

Take a look below to see the activities of daily living products!


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