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Are you looking for a legrest? You’re in the right place! Elderlyshops has a big assortment of legrests ready for you!

We sell single legrests and legrests that are addable to your wheelchair. It's very clever to have a legrest in house, just in case something happens.

There are a few kinds of legrests available on Elderlyshops. We got the comfort legrest, those kind of legrests are for a special comfortable feeling. You can put them on the legrests that already exist on the wheelchair. Another kind of legrest we sell is the adaptive leg support legrest. This legrest is to add on your wheelchair. If you’ve something on your leg or if you need to keep your leg high. The last kind of legrest is a mobile adjustable legrest. These kind of legrests are to put next to you when you’re sitting down on a chair or the couch.

Take a look below to see the legrests of Elderlyshops!

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