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Senior telephones

Always afraid to be alone at home, because you won’t get help fast enough if something happens? With the senior telephones of Elderlyshops you don’t have to be afraid for emergencies anymore!

The senior telephones of Elderlyshops have extra big numbers on the big phone keys. These phone keys are this big to ensure that older people will recognize the numbers! All these senior telephones include a SOS function! This SOS function calls the pre-set emergency phone numbers that are set in the phone!

Wristband senior telephones

The mobile senior telephone with SOS wristband Aids is a senior telephone that consists of a wristband and a wireless senior telephone. The wristband of this senior telephone is an emergency wristband that works within a range of 20 metres! The phone has a stand-by time of 170 hours and is able to have a conversation with two lines at the same time!

Mobile senior telephones aids

This senior telephone is a wireless phone has a calculator, clock, alarm and FM-radio. The stand-by time of this phone is 250 hours and the senior telephone is steerable with voice commands! To make it even better this senior telephone aid consists of a flashlight and extra loud ringtones, so you don’t have to be afraid that you’ll miss a call anymore!

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