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Wheelchairs are available in all kinds! Elderlyshops offers a big assortment of wheelchairs. We have lots of leg rests, push wheelchairs, portable wheelchairs and manual wheelchairs! You’ll get the wheelchair that perfectly fits in your lifestyle with the best online service of Elderlyshops!

What kind of wheelchair do I need?

The first thing you have to consider is how long are you going to use the wheelchair. How many times will you use it? How many hours a day? Am I going to take the wheelchair with me in a car (a lot)? According to this information you’ll know if you want a wheelchair that is easy to take with you or one that is made to use for a long term.

Elderlyshops four options of wheelchairs

Elderlyshops sells four kinds of wheelchairs. For people who aren’t going to use their wheelchair a lot we propose the push wheelchair and the manual wheelchairs. If you’re used to go with a car a lot or a disabled people bus you might like a portable wheelchair. This kind of wheelchairs aren’t made for people who need to use a wheelchair all days of the week.

Take a look below to see what kind of wheelchairs there are. And go through the categories if you’re not sure yet what kind of wheelchair you need!

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